Molded-Base Test Switches

Brooks designs and manufactures the finest quality and most complete line of test switches in the industry. Our Molded-Base Test Switches incorporate many features for safety, durability and reliability.

  • Features:
  • All standard switch assemblies are rated at 30 amperers, 600 volts A.C. and meet all appllicable IEEE, EEI, Underwriter Laboratories and ANSI C12.9 standards.
  • All switches are completely non-ferrous, manufactured from high conductivity copper and phosphor bronze.
  • Test switches are furnished unplated and front-connected with red potential and black current handles as our standard offering.

Contact Brooks for specific application needs.

  • Models:
  • 104-5401
  • 104-5402
  • 104-5403
  • 104-5404
  • 107-54900
  • 107-54942
  • 110-54580
  • 110-54583
  • 110-54943

In addition to our standard unplated front- connected switches, customers may choose a number of additional options to suit their particular application requirements. Any Brooks Molded-Base Test Switch may be configured with any of the options below:

Reverse Potentials - Potential switch handles are mounted in reverse. In this arrangement the potential switches are de-energized when open, offering additional safety.

Plating - Tin- and nickel-plating are available and provide additional protection for corrosive environments.

Screw Terminals - Utilizing a captive pressure pad and box connector this option provides an easy and secure way to connect wires to front-connected switches. Simply add ST to the part number to add screw terminals.

Color-Coded Handles - A wide array of colors (included two-piece/two-color) are available for customers to match the handle colors to their particular wire color codes.

Back-Connected - Any Brooks test switch can be furnished in a back-connected arrangement with insulated bushings for panel mounting.

Custom Switches - In addition to the molded-base offering, Brooks also produces a variety of specialty switches for high voltage application, heel-and-toe switches for reactive metering and fused potential switches. Please consult your local Brooks representative for more information.

Channel Barriers - Brooks offers channel barriers as an option for a permanent means of isolating potentials.