Keyed Barrel Lock

The Keyed Barrel Lock is Brooks highest level of key and lock security. Constructed of Ledloy Hardened Steel the Keyed Barrel Lock features unmatched lock-picking prevention with its unique disc tumbler design. The Keyed Barrel Lock further enhances key security with its pre-loaded, push-button activation that eliminates the need for providing non-utility contract installers with a key to lock the device during installation.

Account specific key/lock combinations are available to ensure the highest level of locking system integrity. The Keyed Barrel lock features an integrated weather seal and is compatible with all Brooks electric locking devices: The Redi-Ring, The Quick Lock II, and our Barrel Lock Caps.

  • Models:
  • 8649908-XXX (Keyed Barrel Lock)
  • 864KEY-XXX (Keyed Barrel Lock Key)

Note: XXX denotes Customer-Unique Lock & Key combination.