NEMA 3R Slip-Under Cover Weatherproof Enclosures

Designed for use as wiring boxes and junction boxes. Provide protection in outdoor installations against rain, sleet and snow, or indoors against dripping water.

  • Construction:
  • 16-, 14-, 12-gauge galvanized G-90 steel
  • Drip-shield top and seam-free sides, front, and back protect from rain, snow or sleet
  • Slip-on removable cover
  • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
  • Provisions for padlocking
  • No gasketing

  • Options:
  • Holes, hubs, cutouts, louvers, special sizes, knockouts
  • Light Munsell gray, powder-coated, oven- baked, high-gloss polyester finish
  • Available in aluminum, mill finish, unpainted – change catalog number prefix from 511- to 561- 
  • Industry Standards:
  • Designed to NEMA Type 3R
  • Model:
  • 511U5535
  • 511U5562
  • 511U5558
  • 511U7206