3000 Series Pre-Wired Sockets

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Brooks can pre-wire all Series 3000 sockets with a test switch and wiring harness. Your socket will be built exactly to your specifications, ready for installation. Brooks’ factory pre-wired socks provide an accurate, cost-effective alternative to wiring the sockets yourself.

  • Construction:
  • 16-gauge galvanized G-90 steel
  • Aluminum
  • Available unwired, without test switch
  • Size – W 12" x H 19-7/8" x D 4-3/8"
  • Knockouts – (six) 3⁄4" x 1" x 1-1/4" in bottom, sides, back; (1) 1⁄4" x 5/8" x 7/8" in bottom
  • Rating – 20 ampere, 600 volts AC, transformer rated
  • Ring-type – 2-piece covers and screw-type sealing rings provided.
  • Cover over test switch can be removed without disturbing meter.
  • Ringless 1-piece or 2-piece cover provided; test switch cover and 1-piece covers lock with stainless steel swing-latch and hasp.
  • Meter mounting blocks are electrical phenolic. Socket terminals accommodate #14 through #6 cu/al wire.
  • Meter retainer clips (Ringless-style) can be attached to surge brackets to help prevent accidental removal meter when socket cover is removed.
  • Options:
  • Barrel lock – KO provided in front cover and barrel lock bracket inside for high security
  • Ground stud – single or Dual-Port pad-type connector
  • Knockout sizes other than standard
  • Lock-ring guards for locking ring on ring- style sockets
  • Available in aluminum, mill finish, unpainted – change catalog number prefix from 601- to 651-
  • Industry Standards:
  • NEMA
  • ANSI C 12.7
  • UL 414